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Ohisashiburidegozaru -> Haven't updated in a while again.

Even though I got Brad to add me to the developer's list I've not really been looking very much at the structure of LiveJournal. The obvious Metcalfe Law flavor of this site hit me like a hammer around 2 a.m. when I found Emily and Elizabeth. Hello ladies, hope you're both doing well (as well as Amy and your parents).

It's odd. I was just on that side of town. I went to see an indie at the Star Gratiot called "Non-Stop" and decided to take "a certain mile
road" that goes past Fraser High. I tossed up a peace sign as I drove by.

This is, perhaps, my longest LJ entry ever. It's a good thing they fixed the backend. I'd hate for such a lovely entry to be lost :P.

If anyone reading this likes the hangin' at the DIA, you *must* go see the puppet exhibit. It was amazing.
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